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Colerain police add a chaplain: By Jennie Key

The newest member of the Colerain Township Police Department doesn’t carry a gun or a badge. He’s concerned with a different kind of law. God’s law.

Police Chief Dan Meloy has invited the Rev. James Love, pastor at Southland Missionary Baptist Church, to join the department as chaplain. The church is at 2485 Springdale Road.

Love is actually not an enforcer but rather a safe place and  listening ear for officers who face a cruiser full of stress every day.  He says he is not a police wannabe.“ I have been through the citizens police academy,” he said. “What I  hope to be is a cheerleader and an advocate. I want to personally  encourage the officers and help them keep their heads on straight.” He is spending his time now getting to know officers, doing  ride-alongs and building relationships. “It takes time to build trust,”  he said. Meloy said he has been thinking about the need for a chaplain for a while. “My job is to take care of my officers,” he said. “After some things  that have happened – the loss of our firefighters for example – I felt  this was an area we needed to address.”
Love says he knows a number of pastors who serve as chaplains, and he  is looking forward to getting to know the officers and their families  and serving them in any way he can.
“People often think of death notifications when they hear chaplain,  but the chief made it clear to me that my main concern is the officers,”  he said. “I want to encourage them to have balance and good family  lives.”
Love speaks Spanish, thanks to growing up as a missionary child in  Mexico. “My grammar’s not great, but I speak it and can bring that to  the department as well.”
He said he knows it will take a while before he has built up the trust he’ll need to be effective.
“I am not in a rush. This is a ministry of availability,” he said. “I  will have an office area in the resource center, I will ride with  officers and it will come naturally in time.”
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ist Church, to join the department as chaplain.  The church is at 2485 Springdale Road.


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In an excellent three book study by Gary DeMar called God and Government he ascertains the usage of the word government through a study of the writings of the founding fathers. Today when we use the word “government” we think only of the elected and appointed officials in broad elected positions, and bureacracy. However the word was understood in more exact manner. Here is how it was once understood.




This is the fancy word for those that “read too much.”  I wonder if that is even possible.

Winter is coming & some of us will be involved in pogonotrophy (po-guh-NAW-truh-fee), which is the act of growing & grooming facial hair.  I hope by activity in pogonotrophy doesn’t affect me from being bibliobibuli.


Spiritual (Not Religious)

This is the new trend.  This is the phrasing used by people that are wanting some "God" in their life, but not any responsibility of church.

It would seem that the title "atheist" or "agnostic" still doesn’t appeal to most Americans.  So they choose to be just "spiritual."  That means they don’t have to be a certain denomination, or even a "Christian."  It gives the person the ability to define what they want to be, in the way they want.



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