Our Missionaries

 Our church is blessed to support a number of missionaries who are working hard to spread the gospel throughout the world.
In addition to the missionaries supported by the church as a whole:
  • Several families personally support a missionary family through their promise of a financial gift on a monthly basis.
  • Our Master’s Club children select a missionary family & support them through personally corresponding with them every month. 
  • Our Seniors in Service members have selected a missionary family
  • The Youth Group has selected Bro. Efrain Garcia in Mexico & personally support him as their missionary.
  • The Adult SS class support Bro. Mike Wallace family to Mexico, City.
Missionaries/Missions we support:
Robert Creech, Panama
Fellowship Tract League
Edward Fort, Chicago
K. Daniel Fried -  Jewish communities
Kent Gossmeyer, England
Steve Harris, Mexico
Ron Lambert, Alaska
Richard Maher, Ukraine
Jack Slaughter, Mexico
Shawn Vinson, Latin America
James Wm. Love, Evangelist
Bill Lyons, Japan
William Aya, Columbia
Dr. Leonardo Rivas Cortez- Rios de Misericordia Orphanage, Mexico City
Jonathan Edwards, Australia
Scott Kuzel, South Africa
Mike Wallace, Mexico City
Jeremy Tyler, Brazil
Cecil Fayard, Ship to Shore
Brian Hughes, Alaska
Missionaries that we support with works in persecuted countries have not been listed.