France and Islam

As I watched the terrorism that happened around Paris, France, this last week, I was amazed at what was not being addressed by the media, or any talk show hosts anywhere.  Let me share some thoughts.

France has always been a Catholic country.  According to “tradition,” Mary, Martha and Lazarus were on a boat that landed in France and then Lazarus became the first Bishop of Marseille.  Then Martha miraculously tamed a scary beast that was haunting a nearby town!?!  A couple of easily recognized French Catholic names:  the Notre Dame of Paris, as well as the famous saint, St. Vincent de Paul.

During the 1300’s, Popes ruled the Catholic Church from France instead of Rome.  It wasn’t until 1905 that France ruled that she would be a secular country, meaning that Catholicism was no longer the official religion of France.

Now France has the largest population of Muslims in the European Union, over 6.5 million.  Someone secretly filmed men filling whole streets for prayer time, which France outlawed in 2011.  40,000 cars are burned in France every year from Muslim youth gangs.  The number of mosques in France has doubled in the last 10 years to over 2000.  There are 150 mosques being built at any time.

The Muslim’s “in your face” attitude in France about being able to dress covered up with burkas, to praying in streets, etc., etc., has created a violent atmosphere with many French non-Muslims.  As most recently seen with the terrorist murders against towards a magazine and in a Jewish store.

Of course, that is so far away from us here in America, isn’t it?

In 2000 there were 1206 mosques in America.  By 2011 there were 2106, an increase of 74% in 11 years.  76% of all mosques in America have been built since 1980.  15.3 people are converted per mosque per year.  64% of conversions are African Americans.  22% are white.

Where are the mosques?  New York has 257.  California, 246.  Texas, 166.  Florida, 118.  Illinois and New Jersey, 109.  Pennsylvania, 99.  Michigan, 77.

Which cities?  New York City has 192.  Chicago, 90.  Detroit, 62.  Atlanta, 55.  Houston, 42.  Dallas/Ft. Worth, 39.

So . . . some put the number of Muslims in America at about 7 million, which is about the same as France, the most Muslim country in the European Union.  We have a few more mosques now than France.

So, what’s going to happen next?  Where?  When?  I don’t think it will be long now. . .


In an excellent three book study by Gary DeMar called God and Government he ascertains the usage of the word government through a study of the writings of the founding fathers. Today when we use the word “government” we think only of the elected and appointed officials in broad elected positions, and bureacracy. However the word was understood in more exact manner. Here is how it was once understood.

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This is the fancy word for those that “read too much.”  I wonder if that is even possible.

Winter is coming & some of us will be involved in pogonotrophy (po-guh-NAW-truh-fee), which is the act of growing & grooming facial hair.  I hope by activity in pogonotrophy doesn’t affect me from being bibliobibuli.

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Spiritual (Not Religious)

This is the new trend.  This is the phrasing used by people that are wanting some "God" in their life, but not any responsibility of church.

It would seem that the title "atheist" or "agnostic" still doesn’t appeal to most Americans.  So they choose to be just "spiritual."  That means they don’t have to be a certain denomination, or even a "Christian."  It gives the person the ability to define what they want to be, in the way they want.

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Trustworthy People

"Trust is like a mirror: You can fix it if it’s broken, but you can still see the crack in the reflection."  - Lady Gaga

Already you are amazed that I would quote someone like Lady Gaga, well, so am I.

The Wagner Group & Reader’s Digest recently did a national survey.  They wanted to know "The Most Trusted People in America."  Results:

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Failure After Slavery

UncleTomsCabinI have just finished a book that I should have read long ago: Uncle Tom’s Cabin, by Harriet Beecher Stowe.  I was amazed at the saturation of God and Bible throughout the story.  Slaves held strongly to the promises of the Bible that someday there would be a better day when God would put everything right.

However, the last chapter titled “Concluding Remarks,” which is Harriet Beecher Stowe sharing her thoughts, is worth reading, if nothing else.

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Chicago Rules Saves God

Villaraigosa_God_vote_DNCMany may have not seen the moment with a heavy heart as I did.  On 9/5/12 God teetered on acceptance or rejection at the recent Democratic National Convention.


The “Platform” that was drafted for the Democratic Party is supposed to give the definitive identity and direction for the next four years.  Missing was God and Jerusalem as the capitol of Israel.  Even the liberal CNN noted and questioned the omissions.


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Healthy Forgiveness

ForgiveU.S. News & World Report released an article on Aug. 29th in their Health section, about “forgiveness.”  Forgiveness, as recently (!?) discovered, is healthy!


Allow me to quote a complete paragraph:

Indeed, experts say that forgiving those who have wronged us helps lower blood pressure, cholesterol, and heart rate.  One study found that forgiveness is associated with improved sleep quality, which has a strong effect on health.  And Duke University researchers report a strong correlation between forgiveness and strengthened immunity among HIV-positive patients.  The benefits aren’t just limited to the physical, either: Letting go of old grudges reduces levels of depression, anxiety, and anger.  People who forgive tend to have better relationships, feel happier and more optimistic, and overall, enjoy better psychological well-being.


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Restriction of Liberty

AndersBehringBreivikI stand scratching my head at the logic, or lack of, of European nations.  However, I know this is the “norm” when you abandon biblical principles for the “enlightenment” of men’s ideology.


A year ago Anders Behring Breivik killed 77 people!  I said 77!!!  I think that this is simple - that once he is found guilty and sane, his life should be taken.  I would even vote for a firing squad of 77 people!  So, what does he get for this heinous crime?  21 years!  I said, 21 years!!! That is 100 days per victim.  This is Norway’s maximum!  I said, maximum!!!


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Chicken Debate

chickfila-appreciation-day-huge-crowdWhat a week.  I stand amazed at the grass root support for Chik-fil-A.  I have been amazed at the coverage of the event by the media.  I have been perplexed at the twisting of those that support same sex marriage - they have made this into a display of “hate!?”


If the tables were turned & there had been long lines, record sales, & such unity in masses over gay marriage - I would have to admit the reality of the situation demonstrated by the physical & financial support given.


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The Stench at City Hall

pepe-le-pewThe city of Portland, OR is considering putting in new rules about the way their employees smell.  Who would have thought that government would be involved in something this odorous.

They are wanting to discourage employees from using scented products at work where the “sole purpose is to emit a fragrance such as perfume, aftershave & cologne & to avoid the use of strongly scented powder, deodorant & other personal hygiene products.”

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Hemline Index

hemlineThe year is 1926, the middle of the roaring ‘20's. A guy named George Taylor, an economist, presented a "theory" according to his observation: that hemlines go up when the economy is good, and hemlines go down when the economy is bad.

This might seem silly, but the Econometric Institute Erasmus School of Economics did a study, comparing the economy to the hemlines from 1921 to 2009. They found that the theory holds true - however, sometimes there is as much as a 3 yr lag time.

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John Lennon

john-lennon-imagineA few days ago was the 30th anniversary of John Lennon’s death. Howard Cosell announced his death on Dec.8 to a shocked nation. I have been amazed at the amount of people that are commenting on his life.

However, I am equally shocked at how quickly we ignore certain facts when a person has died, especially when they die an untimely death, such as John Lennon.

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Lame Duck

Lame-Duck-SpotlightI don’t recall hearing the phrase "Lame Duck" more than I have recently. It is a reference to the House of Representatives mostly, but when considering the changes in the Senate, it applies to Congress as a whole.

I thought it odd that the phrase "Lame Duck" was what was used. Why a duck? Why lame? I found out that it has been around for over 100 years. It came to us through England and was used on the London Stock Exchange. It was a term for a broker who defaulted on his debt, referring to the fact that he wasn’t able to keep up, just like a lame duck wouldn’t be able to keep up with the rest.

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ist1_4703180-poker-chipsThere is a very easy way to return from a casino with a small fortune: go there with a large one.
- Jack Yelton


I am tired of our "get money without work mentality" that has permeated America. Sure, I would love to have a bunch of money handed to me - but I do not plan or dream of such a day.

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How to Lose a Lot of Ground

Louisiana-PurchaseI recently found an interesting piece of American history.  We all know of the Louisiana Purchase. 828,800 square miles for the reasonable sum of $15,000,000 total. What a drop in the bucket to the government purchases and stimulus of our day. (Even after you factor in inflation.)

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Bully or Bullied Pulpit


In early America, some of the taxes levied on the general population in some colonies went to pay the salaries of pastors. Not only does that sound wrong, but typing it even feels wrong. The idea of using government for the profit of a church or to enforce a certain religious ideology upon a people was so distasteful that it was a major discussion topic among our founding fathers. The First Amendment is the result of this issue.

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Alien Ambassador

UNNearly every year, because of my involvement in LTIA ( I get to visit an embassy in Washington, D.C. & listen to an ambassador tell about his country. Always of great interest.

I realize that I, too, am an ambassador. I should be telling people about my heavenly homeland, & doing so with great pride & excitement. Since I can say that this world is not my home, I guess you could give me the title of an Alien Ambassador. Hmmm . . .

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Pledge to America


On the 22nd of Sept., 2010 the GOP released a document that they call ""binding."" It is their Pledge to America on items that they are going to work on. There are 4 main areas of this pledge:

•Cutting Spending


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heroI am amazed at the usage of the word “hero” in our society.  Everybody is a hero. People that I have heard called “hero” recently:

  • Breast Cancer survivors
  • Police
  • Firemen
  • Veteran
  • Active military
  • Motherhood
  • Teen mothers finishing high school
  • Single mothe

I have come to a conclusion that is VERY Politically Incorrect.  The reason why we refer to everyone as heroes is because we have lost the sense of “duty.”

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They Preached Liberty

The survey was not about Christianity, but was 32 questions designed to determine a general knowledge about many religions.


  • 45% of Catholics didn’t know about basic Catholicism
  • 4:10 Jews didn’t know about Maimonides
  • over 1/2 of Protestants didn’t know about Martin Luther

While atheists and agnostics scored the highest, they answered only 66% of the questions right. (That used to be failing in school.)

There were 12 questions about "Christianity." Mormons scored highest with getting an average of 8 right - and those classified as evangelicals average 7 in this section.

As usual the media misrepresents these survey with their usual bias. They made it sound like atheists and agnostics are better educated and more knowledgeable, while perpetuating the standard stereotype of religious people being ignorant, particularly a broad classification of Christianity.

Personally, I believe a general knowledge is good, however, I can’t really say that I am concerned with my children, or my church, being versed in Buddhism, Islam, or Mormonism.

I think I’m going to take Paul’s stance: For I determined not to know anything among you, save Jesus Christ, and him crucified. 1 Cor.2:2. So I don’t think it is really all that bad to be a dumb Christian when it comes to other religions. Once you know light - darkness is pretty obvious.

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