Spiritual (Not Religious)

This is the new trend.  This is the phrasing used by people that are wanting some "God" in their life, but not any responsibility of church.

It would seem that the title "atheist" or "agnostic" still doesn’t appeal to most Americans.  So they choose to be just "spiritual."  That means they don’t have to be a certain denomination, or even a "Christian."  It gives the person the ability to define what they want to be, in the way they want.

So . . . I have been keeping my eye out for the manual or Bible of the "spiritual."  It doesn’t seem that they have one.

However, it is amazing that they have enough direction from their spirituality to stand in judgement of Christianity. 

We know, after all, a true Christian is not as abstract with their spirituality.  We believe that spirituality is defined by a God that is spirit & has written a book that gives direction & instruction about spirituality.  We do believe in a spirit that is part of the character of each person because we were created in the image of a spiritual God.  We do believe that our God is Spirit & that we worship is not just in deeds, but from our inside, ie . . . our spirit!  In fact, we believe in spirit so much that we believe that on of the person that belong to the Godhead is often called "Holy Spirit."  We also believe that we are to be "filled with the Spirit" & that this Spirit of God will comfort, direct, convict, & many other things on a daily basis.

After some review, I would say that we would also claim to be "spiritual."  However, I don’t want to throw religious & Christian out the window.  I believe in synergistic integration (to quote a LaQuinta commercial.)  I think that I am going to be a Christian that is Spiritual about his Religion, (CSR)!

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