This is the fancy word for those that “read too much.”  I wonder if that is even possible.

Winter is coming & some of us will be involved in pogonotrophy (po-guh-NAW-truh-fee), which is the act of growing & grooming facial hair.  I hope by activity in pogonotrophy doesn’t affect me from being bibliobibuli.

Hillary Clinton accused then Senator Obama when they were both trying to be the Democratic Presidential candidate that he was great with fancy words, but had no substance.  He replied with a speech that now known as “Just Words.”

His premise was that Martin Luther King’s speech wasn’t just words.  The Declaration of Independence wasn’t just words.  FDR’s speeches were not just words.

It was then pointed out that Reverend Jeremiah Wright said a lot of things, but all of a sudden they were “just words.”

Words are powerful.  Words are expressive.  Words have meanings.  Words are an expression of the “abundance of the heart.” (Lk.6:45b)

John 1:1 uses the idea of the “Word” to explain the essence of Jesus.  He is “the Word,” the verb/noun or ultimate expression.

The Word of God is also very important, in fact, “faith cometh by hearing & hearing by the word of God.” (Rom.10:17)  The mind of God is expressed to us in words.

I have always wished I had a greater mastery of words.  A better ability to turn a phrase.  I’d like to talk about petrichor, (PET-ri-kor), the scent outside after it rains.

Yet I hope that I am not an epeolatry (ep-ee-OL-uh-tree), a worshiper of words . . .

I do think that words are undervalued, poorly used, & casually tossed about in our society today.  Most of all, the WORD of God is almost ignored.  There is no good word for that.

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