Bully or Bullied Pulpit


In early America, some of the taxes levied on the general population in some colonies went to pay the salaries of pastors. Not only does that sound wrong, but typing it even feels wrong. The idea of using government for the profit of a church or to enforce a certain religious ideology upon a people was so distasteful that it was a major discussion topic among our founding fathers. The First Amendment is the result of this issue.

That being said, we have come to a day and age when people think that the government is back to controlling religion - because some have accepted the idea that they can’t say certain things from their pulpits.

This concept would be quite foreign and spurious to our founding fathers and those that filled pulpits in those days. (Check out the little book, They Preached Liberty).

How about 100 years ago? J.B. Gambrell, the once President of the Southern Baptist Convention said this at the turn of the 20th Century: It is preeminently the function of the pulpit to mold and lead thought, so that the thoughts of the people shall be God’s thoughts. Until people think right, they will not act right.

Whoa . . . could this even mean directing the thought of the people about their civil responsibilities? Do you think he meant that the pulpit should make "generic" comments and allow the chips fall where they may? (Like so many today?)

On September 26th a number of men in pulpits spoke boldly and proclaimed Pulpit Freedom Sunday. Have we come to this? Where we have a planned and scheduled day to preach the relevant truths as they apply to our nation, candidates, and government.

Review your American history - if it weren’t for the Baptists, things wouldn’t be where they are. The First Amendment can be directly attributed to the efforts and convictions. So . . .

Maybe if the government was to start being oppressive again, the Baptists would rise to the occasion like they once did!? Hold it . . . we might then lose our tax exempt status and that would cost us money. We’ll have to think this one through.

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