Chicken Debate

chickfila-appreciation-day-huge-crowdWhat a week.  I stand amazed at the grass root support for Chik-fil-A.  I have been amazed at the coverage of the event by the media.  I have been perplexed at the twisting of those that support same sex marriage - they have made this into a display of “hate!?”


If the tables were turned & there had been long lines, record sales, & such unity in masses over gay marriage - I would have to admit the reality of the situation demonstrated by the physical & financial support given.


However, it would seem that we are surrounded by a group that can’t face reality.  It’s as though those long lines were imaginary.  It is as though record sales are not real.  They can’t believe that there are many good, decent, hardworking Americans that believe in traditional marriage & the right to express their views & contribute their money to the causes they support (although we have a LONG list of those that do it for the same sex causes).


Chik-fil-A had long lines.  People stood in heat.  People worked longer because their lunch took longer than expected.  I heard of the warm atmosphere inside of the stores.  People talking to each other.  Helping workers with trash.  Cleaning up after themselves.  It warmed my heart (even though I went through the drive thru & missed the unity that was expressed in the midst of the crowd).


So - I returned to my office & sat encouraged.  Maybe God will smile on America for taking a stand for righteousness - isn’t that what the Bible says?  Our 1st President said “The propitious smiles of Heaven can never be expected on a nation that disregards the eternal rules of order & right which Heaven itself has ordained.”


As I thought on these things the church phone rang & a lady asked about our church helping with school supplies for her children, because she lived in the area.   When I told her we didn’t have such a program in place she became irate!  How could her children succeed if churches don’t do their jobs?  How dare we call ourselves Christians!?!


Even though I am encouraged by what I saw with Chik-fil-A, the warm & fuzzy feeling was tempered by a phone call that questions my Christianity because I don’t supply pencils & notebooks.  It’s about a whole lot more than chicken sales, isn’t it?

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