Restriction of Liberty

AndersBehringBreivikI stand scratching my head at the logic, or lack of, of European nations.  However, I know this is the “norm” when you abandon biblical principles for the “enlightenment” of men’s ideology.


A year ago Anders Behring Breivik killed 77 people!  I said 77!!!  I think that this is simple - that once he is found guilty and sane, his life should be taken.  I would even vote for a firing squad of 77 people!  So, what does he get for this heinous crime?  21 years!  I said, 21 years!!! That is 100 days per victim.  This is Norway’s maximum!  I said, maximum!!!


He is 33 so he will serve his 21 years and be done by the time he is 54.  So, you think that prison life will be rough and shorten his life?  Really!?!  Norway has a different idea of prisons.


Here is Norway’s punishment philosophy, and I quote: “The punishment is the restriction of liberty; no other rights have been removed by the sentencing court.”  In fact, they believe “ . . . the sentenced offender has all the same rights as all others who live in Norway.”


In their skewed humanitarian philosophy they rebuilt part of the prison for him, in case he received an “insanity verdict.”  Because he is who he is, they estimate that imprisoning him will cost 1.2 million yearly.  That is 7x what it normally costs to keep prisoners.  1.2 mil X 21 years = $25.2 million.


So, let me see if I got it right.  Kill 77 people.  Get a comfortable room, cable tv, nice bed, good meals, special attention for the next 20 years.


What do the families of the 77 victims think?  What do tax payers think?  How does Norway arrive at such conclusions?


Simple - they have left the biblical principles of justice and have adopted man’s goofy ideas of dignity and rights.  Be concerned!  America is becoming more like Europe than Europe is becoming like the U.S.


Isaiah 1:17 Learn to do good; seek justice, relieve the oppressed, judge the fatherless, plead for the widow.

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