Healthy Forgiveness

ForgiveU.S. News & World Report released an article on Aug. 29th in their Health section, about “forgiveness.”  Forgiveness, as recently (!?) discovered, is healthy!


Allow me to quote a complete paragraph:

Indeed, experts say that forgiving those who have wronged us helps lower blood pressure, cholesterol, and heart rate.  One study found that forgiveness is associated with improved sleep quality, which has a strong effect on health.  And Duke University researchers report a strong correlation between forgiveness and strengthened immunity among HIV-positive patients.  The benefits aren’t just limited to the physical, either: Letting go of old grudges reduces levels of depression, anxiety, and anger.  People who forgive tend to have better relationships, feel happier and more optimistic, and overall, enjoy better psychological well-being.


This is wonderful.  It is true.  Forgiveness is beneficial from any angle.  If anything, the article understates the benefits.  It also benefits those that are in need of being forgiving.  Forgiveness is profitable on a corporate level, or even on a national level.


I wonder if such statements being from university studies, or from psychiatric experts, will really make that much of a difference.  Here is something that will shock - Bible preaching churches have been preaching for years what the fluffy-headed experts have jsut come to realize.


Yes!!!  The Bible promotes the health that accompanies forgiveness.  Not only does it teach it, but the Author has modeled forgiveness.  Not only did Jesus forgive those that crucified him, but He forgives anyone, time past, present, or future that wants to be forgiven!!!  He also told Peter to forgive, and basically to quit keeping track of the forgiving.


However, we live in a country that has become so biased that they will reject counsel because it comes from a pulpit or a religious book, such as the Bible.  However, put it in a U.S. News & World Report article & everyone goes, “Hmmm.”  Know this - the U.S. News & World Report will always play catch up to the truths of God’s Word.

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