Chicago Rules Saves God

Villaraigosa_God_vote_DNCMany may have not seen the moment with a heavy heart as I did.  On 9/5/12 God teetered on acceptance or rejection at the recent Democratic National Convention.


The “Platform” that was drafted for the Democratic Party is supposed to give the definitive identity and direction for the next four years.  Missing was God and Jerusalem as the capitol of Israel.  Even the liberal CNN noted and questioned the omissions.


A couple of observations:

  • Ted Strickland, our former OH governor, was the chairman in charge of drafting the Platform for the Dem party.  He then stated that as an ordained United Methodist minister he thought that God should be included.  Way to take a noble stand Mr. Chairman.  Did you not notice that it was missing from the original draft?  As Chairman, did you feel that way only after it became an issue?  Fall asleep at the wheel?

  • The “yea’s” & “nay’s” were so close that Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa awkwardly asked for a vote three times.  He then declared that it passed by 2/3rds - which was clearly not true.  This kind of vote railroading has been known “Chicago Rules.”

  • I wonder what would have happened if they had presented the amendments separately?  #1 = who wants God included? #2 = who wants Jerusalem for Israel included?  Was this more about God or Israel?  Or do the people that don’t like God, are the same that don’t like the Israel?

The Old Testament tells about a nation that was once united and believed in the same God.  They both began down the wrong road, but the northern part of the kingdom became very progressive and each King’s platform became more and more liberal.  They imploded from the inside and were then easy prey from the outside.  The southern part of the nation did almost the same thing, just later.  Results?  Same thing happened to them, only later.

As I watched the RNC and then the DNC - I said, “Methinks it’s happening again.”

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