Southland Baptist Church - Teens

Saved, Solid & Serving

The youth group is a very active group, from 7-12th grades, and is a priority in our church.

They can be found in every aspect of church life here at Southland. You may see them out at an all nighter with another church teen group, playing sports in the gym, helping in the sound room, or running a Sunday church service, and always learning about God’s Word and how it affects them.  They also help out in regular church such a sing in the choir, help in the nursery, or serve from the kitchen.

The teen class is a great atmosphere for these young people to get away from the world and have friends who also believe the truths in God’s word. Our purpose theme for the teens is Saved, Solid & Serving, which directs our ministries.

Our summer events is church camp, which is one of the greatest weeks of the year.  We want them to make life long friends that will encourage them in their walk with God.